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Better. . . Stronger. . . Faster. . .

Did you know . . .

A Solid State Drive is 15x Faster than a Traditional Hard Drive?

SSDs are Amazing for:

. . . Speed

Powered by a SATA III 6 Gbps interface, our SSDs are able to deliver incredibly high transfer speeds that enable short boot time, fast application loading, and quick file processing.

. . . multitasking

With SSDs speed and power advantages, they're ideal for heavy users to process large files, fast switching, and demanding programmes.

. . . Power Efficiency

SSDs are at least 5x more efficient than traditional hard drives, allowing your laptop to perform better on a single charge.

. . . lifespan

SSDs are vibration-proof since they contain no moving parts. Equipped with a specialty controller and selected NAND Flash, our SSDs have high stability and longer lifespan.

A 'Must Have' for Gamers,

Trust Us, it's a Game Changer!



SSD Upgrade


  • 2x Trip Charge (Within Ottawa)
  • Pick Up and Drop-Off
  • 1 Tb SSD
  • Hard Drive Clone
  • SSD Install
  • Operating System Updates
  • System Optimization

$349 +tax