It's Nice to be Nice

We're here to help, that is our primary objective.

That being said, we have a few ground rules, considering we'll be guests in your home. We will do everything in our power to help you with anything tech related, within reason. We will expect a safe and calm working environment, absent the threat of verbal and physical abuse.

All together, we expect everyone to be nice. Officially the rules are as created by the 'Human Rights Code', and the 'Occupational Health and Safety Act' and let's not forget the 'Criminal Code of Canada', but we prefer to break it down to one simple rule; be nice.

Should there be any violation of this rule, Ottawa's Best Tech Support personnel reserve the right to end the appointment effective immediately, with no refund.

Booking Rules

Our time is valuable to us, and therefore we ask that you reserve it only if you plan to use it.

Appointments may be rescheduled or cancelled, with a minimum 12 hours notice.
If a client is unavailable for an appointment; and has made no effort to contact us before the appointment: the client will be charged a trip charge (equal to 1hour at our posted rates.)

By booking an appointment with us through our online portal, or by phone, you agree to all of our Policies; as available at obts.ca/policies
Our Policies are subject to change without notice.

Appointments are booked in 2 hour slots. When booking, if the amount of work is not specified, and the time slot is insufficient to resolve the issue, Ottawa's Best Tech Support personnel will do their best to accommodate our client, at our posted hourly rate. A follow up appointment may be required.

By booking an appointment with us through our online portal, or by phone, you agree to all of our Policies; as available at obts.ca/Policies

Our Policies are subject to change without notice.

Privacy Policy

In the interest of maintaining a simple and concise confidentiality policy, this policy is drafted in plain and simple language:

Ottawa's Best Tech Support personnel will not access, open, copy, or distribute any of out clients' files; Ottawa's Best Tech Support personnel will not disclose our client list to third parties; Ottawa's Best Tech Support will not discuss the specifics of the services provided to any clients, even if they are other clients' friends, referred by them.

Ottawa's Best Tech Support will not disclose any of the information we gather during the course of providing our services. Ottawa's Best Tech Support does not sell, share, or anything else with our client files. The personal information we gather and store is strictly for the purpose of better providing our services. Our privacy policy is registered with the office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (www.priv.gc.ca).

5-Star Service

Ottawa's Best Tech Support enjoys helping people better enjoy their tech, and we stand by our work. That being said, we guarantee our work, not the device's hardware, or the operating system, or user created issues.

We will gladly remedy any issue with our work, and given that the issue be our fault (as opposed to misuse, interference, or misunderstanding) the service will be provided free of charge. In the case that the original service was provided properly, but an issue arose afterwards, the second service visit will incur regular posted rate pricing.

The cause of the new issue will be determined by Ottawa's Best Tech Support personnel, and while we will happily provide an explanation, it will not be up for discussion.

Return Policies

Ottawa's Best Tech Support does not offer refunds of our services or hardware sales.

Billing Policies

Appointments must be paid for at the time the appointment is booked.

On-site Appointments are booked, and billed, in 2 hour segments. Our rate is $199 + tax, and includes a trip charge within our service area. At the end of the appointment, the client may choose to extend the appointment. Additional time will be billed in full hours at a rate of $100 / hour + tax.

Appointments for device repairs include pick up and drop off within our service area. The repair is billed at a flat-rate of $199 + tax. The repair service for professionally manufactured and serviced devices includes diagnostics, repairs, and a data transfer (if required). The repair service for Custom built devices, as well as unprofessionally serviced devices, includes software diagnostics and repairs. Additional services will be billed at an hourly subcontractor rate of $100 / hour + tax. These services include, but are not limited to, hardware diagnostics and/or troubleshooting, BIOS updates,  replacement parts, hardware failures, etc.

If the repairs require parts, the cost of those parts will be charged to the client. If the client does not wish to continue with the repair, or the purchase of the parts, or the parts required to repair the device are no longer available, the client's hardware will be returned, and our obligation will have been fulfilled.

Ottawa's Best Tech Support's service area is determined as the City of Ottawa, including all suburbs. While we are certainly happy to accommodate clients outside of Ottawa, those appointments will incur a trip charge. The trip charge will be our hourly rate for a one-way trip to the client's location, billed in full hours.

Any additional costs we incur will be billed to the client, this includes, but is not limited to; parking, hardware, parts and software.

At the time of booking, Ottawa's Best Tech Support will ask for payment. We require payment to confirm an appointment to protect ourselves from fraudulent appointments, last minute cancellations, and no-shows.

During the course of our work, should we require additional components, hardware, software, etc. We will require payment for these parts before continuing our work. We will not order parts until after we have received payment. Should the client wish to source the parts themselves, they will be billed for any time spent dealing with compatibility issues, research, shipping and transport.


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