We've changed the way we work during this global crisis

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The internet is a dangerous place.

We protect Our Members, who protects you?

Membership has its benefits . . .

Premium Antivirus

We cover Our Members with premium business level antivirus, keeping them safe at home and at work.


We keep Our Members' systems up to date. From Operating System Updates to Software Releases, we're never behind.

Peripheral support

We keep everything connected for Our Members, so all of their devices always work the way they're supposed to.

Remote Monitoring

We watch out for Our Members, proactively resolving issues before they become problems.

15% off our services

Our Members get 15% off any of our additional services.

Priority Queue

Our Members are our highest priority and can request emergency appointments at regular price.

15 min remote sessions

Our Members have access to less costly remote appointments.

Monthly Tune-Ups

We want the best for Our Members, so even when nothings wrong, we make sure everythings just right.

The Price of Membership

No Registration Fee; No Sign Up Fee; No Hidden Fees;

Just Amazing Tech Support

$30 / month

FOR 1 user


$50 / month

UP TO 3 userS

We don't believe in contracts or traps


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COVID-19 Update

The world has changed, this is how we've adapted:

we'll do the legwork

We offer free pick-up and delivery, so you can get support without ever leaving home

we're using Protection

We wear gloves, masks and face shields during every interaction, and we have an ample supply of locally made hand sanitizer


We're taking precautions

Our offices are cleaned every day, and our staff sterilize their workplaces before and after each project





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